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What You Need To Know About Child Custody

Child custody matters can be emotional and complex. Kendra Carpenter, founder of Carpenter Family Law LLC, can help you navigate this process. She has worked in the legal system for over 20 years and brings tremendous knowledge to each case. As the vice chair on the Ohio State Bar Association’s Family Law Committee, she is a respected, skilled attorney. She offers personalized service in an area of the law that needs it more than ever.

Keeping Your Child’s Best Interests At The Forefront Of A Case

Mrs. Carpenter is certified by the Ohio Supreme Court as custody guardian ad litem and a parenting coordinator. This means that she can advise the court when it comes to parenting time. Her goal is to represent the best interest of the child, which is also the thing a judge values most when making decisions. They will look at the relationship between each parent and child, the health of each parent and, if the child is old enough, will even take their opinion into account. A judge’s top priority is to make sure the child’s environment stays as stable as possible after a dissolution of marriage.

Despite the fact that a couple is splitting up, they both still have responsibilities when it comes to their child. Whether this means physically supporting them or financially supporting them, when a judge makes a decision, it must be followed. You are required to adhere to the agreement the court makes, provide a safe and stable environment and allow the child to continue engaging in school and activities post-divorce. While this may seem obvious, it can be easy to forget during an emotionally charged time. Mrs. Carpenter is a compassionate lawyer who is here to help you think logically and fight for what will make your child happiest.

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Custody and visitation look different for every family. Whether it be joint custody, sole custody or a parenting schedule, Mrs. Carpenter can find a tailored solution based on your loved one’s needs. To learn more, call her office in Columbus at 614-963-9324 for a free telephone consultation. You can also fill out her contact form online.